You can easily create the seasonal Easter illustrate with these simple and easy craft ideas.

Of course, the illustrated eggs are one of the best ways to show off the festive Easter flair and it gives brighter look on your table. They also create an innovative gift that should be personalized with a great support of old and young by using ribbons, stencils and stick on gems.

What you require:                                                                            

  • A cloth
  • Blown eggs
  • Dust sheets or newspaper
  • Wooden skewers
  • Modeling clay, a bucket of sand or styrofoam
  • Rust-oleum universal metallic pure gold spray paint

Methods to prepare

  • Initially, you have to cover a well-ventilated area with drop sheets or newspapers. You just wipe the eggs and make sure they are completely free from dirt or dust.
  • Once the eggs are ready, you just place it at the end of a skewer in the hole at the base. Now, you stand the skewer in sand, styrofoam or modeling clay. This would give you access to the whole surface of the egg and also minimize the risk of finger marks or smudging.
  • Next, you hold the can approximately 30cm from the surface of eggs and then spray in a steady forth and back motion, which is slightly overlapping with every stroke. To obtain the best results of spraying, you just keep your can at the same distance from the surface and keep it in motion.
  • To avoid any drips, you just apply a couple of light coats after a few minutes.
  • Now, you leave the eggs to dry completely for one day before arranging them in a bowl or basket. To make a truly festive look, you should try to embellish the eggs with stick or stencils on gems.

Presently, the rust oleum universal all surface spray paint is readily available from the independent hardware stores nationally.


From Amstudio – Lighting Stores Toronto

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