Christmas Time

Many people have brought down the fairy lights from the loft as Christmas approaches. They have to be conscious of the overall safety of Christmas lighting. They can take note of easy to follow tips from Giuliano Digilio, Head of Technical Services at the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) when they wish to ensure Christmas sparkles without sparks.

  1. Lights may get damaged when they have been stored away in the loft. Ensure that no broken connection and frayed leads. Replace such parts when you found your lights before use.
  2. Do not overload sockets with Christmas lights at any time because this may lead to overheating, short-circuiting, electric shocks and cause a fire.
  3. The overall exterior Christmas lights should be low voltage in the range of 12 V or 24 V or completely protected by the most suitable residual current device. This residual current device automatically kicks into action. It breaks the entire circuit in case of an earth fault. Do not let cables fed through windows or doors.
  4. Make certain that cables are entirely unwound. They may sometimes overheat and cause a fire when they left coiled on a reel.
  5. Lighting leads and trailing wires are common causes of household trips and falls. Ensure that extension leads and cables are not left across pathways and immediately grabbed by pets and children in any situation.
  6. Do not have any lighting equipment and electrical decorative things near a water source at any time.
  7. Turn off Christmas lights before going to bed or away from home to reduce possibilities of fire-related risks.
  8. Buy new lights from the most reliable outlets based on your budget and overall requirements on the lights shopping. You may fail to get safelights when you use cheap deals in particular car boot sales. Successful and reliable manufactures of lights ensure that their lights meet safety standards. You can prefer and buy such lights as per your light shopping expectations.
  9. Do not forget to check the European Standard CE mark while buying brand new lights.
  10. Ensure that lights you buy are appropriate for the voltage they connect with. In the UK, the voltage for lights should be 230V.

Contact a qualified electrician in your area and get further advice on safe Christmas lighting.

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